Regulatory Compliance Consultant

We work with companies to comply with governmental regulations in a cost-efficient manner with both documentation and design changes.


  • CalARP
  • CalOSHA
  • CCR
  • CFR
  • Circular Letters
  • DTSC
  • Fed OSHA
  • LACoFD
  • LAFD
  • OCFA


According to a recent study, USA federal government regulations cost businesses an estimated two trillion dollars in 2012, an amount equal to 12% of GDP (National Association of Manufacturers, 2014). This works out to an average of just under $10,000 per employee per year. These costs are higher for certain industries and have been consistent over the past twenty-five years. Also, this amount does not include the cost of state and local regulations. The cost of regulatory compliance from all governmental entities can determine whether a company has good or poor financial performance. It is mandatory to meet the intent and purpose of regulations, but the approach a company takes to do this can have a huge influence on the cost. We work with companies to interpret and implement regulatory technical requirements in the mechanical, civil and structural engineering fields to provide compliance in a cost-effective manner.