New System Installs or Existing System Modifications

Piping systems are used to move a liquid or vapor from one location to another, sometimes at pressures and temperatures that greatly exceed ambient conditions. An accidental release of these vapors or liquids can result in a fire, explosion, or exposure to a toxic substance. There are design codes to be followed when designing piping that depend on system particulars. A knowledge of the basis for these design codes assists with the development of safe systems.

Engineering Specialties Used

Piping Design

Stress Analysis

Code Compliance

Finite Element Analysis


Knowledge, Experience and Specialty Computer Programs are the Key

Our knowledge and experience designing new piping systems allows us to prepare usable configurations that meet code requirements. Our knowledge and experience evaluating existing piping systems that are failing or behaving erratically allows us to comprehend underlying causes and to prepare usable solutions. Our experience inspecting and evaluating thousands of piping systems for earthquake capacity gives us insight to what is possible, and what is required. Specialty computer programs are used when a detailed analysis needs to be performed.


Let’s Work Together to Find the Best Design

Whether you need a new piping system designed, or you need an existing piping system evaluated because it is not behaving as expected. Or the support system appears to need adjustment, we have the knowledge, experience and software tools to work with you to find the right solution. Please also review a discussion of our experience with piping vibration.

For more information on this project or others that Argos Engineers have completed, please contact Ken Saunders at (310) 782-3353.

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