Analysis For Regulatory Compliance

California law requires facilities with regulated substances above a threshold quantity to periodically evaluate the pressure boundary integrity of systems containing the regulated substances and to ensure that the containment systems meet special seismic criteria. Walkdowns of the systems are conducted and equipment requiring further evaluation is identified. Detailed analysis of these items can enable facility owners to minimize equipment replacement or major modifications while meeting the intent and rule of the regulation. One such system was recently identified.

Engineering Specialties Used

Seismic Analysis


Finite Element Analysis

Regulatory Compliance

Keeping Compliant with CalARP Seismic Requirements
Keeping Compliant with CalARP Seismic Requirements
Keeping Compliant with CalARP Seismic Requirements


Finite Element Modeling

A three-dimensional finite element model (FEM) was built for the pressure boundary components and their support structures. Response spectra seismic loads were applied to the system and the resulting stresses compared to evaluation limits. When stresses exceed allowable limits, remediation designs are proposed. When stresses are below allowable limits, no remediation is required. The analysis and remediation designs are documented and certified for regulatory review.

Finite Element Model of pressure boundary components and their support structures


Critical Equipment Analysis

Argos Engineers is ready to partner with your regulatory compliance personnel to analyze critical equipment as required by regulations. We can perform the detailed analysis needed to minimize existing equipment modifications while meeting the regulation requirements.

For more information on this project or others that Argos Engineers have completed, please contact Ken Saunders at (310) 782-3353.

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