Emergency Systems Analysis & Testing

Private firewater systems at industrial facilities can be modified and repaired on a regular basis. Additionally, it is known that the flow capacity of firewater piping diminishes with time. Flow analysis and testing are required to ensure that these critical systems can protect your personnel and valuable assets, are operating optimally and that finite capital or expense funds are utilized in the most cost effective manner.

Engineering Specialties Used

Risk Reduction

Fluid Flow Analysis

Remediation Design

Code Compliance

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Risk Assessment Through Specialized Computer Modeling

Specialty computer codes are used to model and evaluate firewater system flow capabilities. Test procedures are developed and tests are conducted to determine current flow capacities by region. These flow capacities, when included in the computer model, provide a calibrated flow model that can be used to find bottlenecks and area flow capacities. Additionally, the computer model can be used to evaluate proposed system modifications to meet flow demand requirements. One facility recently used their model in a risk assessment to determine regional flow capacities when taking various header segments out of service for maintenance work.


Your Partner for Emergency Systems & Response

Argos Engineers is ready to partner with your emergency response team. Make sure that your firewater network is ready to perform as needed. Our personnel have been modeling, testing, analyzing, designing and evaluating proposed upgrades to industrial firewater systems for over 25 years.

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